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Natalia toont haar zwangere buik tijdens intensieve yogasessie

Natalia is nu bijna 38 weken zwanger. Toch weerhoudt dat de zangeres er niet van om haar yogasessies voort te zetten. “Deze bikram-sessies zouden weleens mijn laatste kunnen zijn voordat ik ons kleintje op de wereld zet”, klinkt het echter wel.

Natalia toont haar zwangere buik tijdens intensieve yogasessie

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At almost 38 weeks, these bikram sessions of the past week might have been my last ones before i bring our little lovebug into this world. I just wanna show you that our female body and our mind is capable of more than u think. I have issues about how people talk about birthing when they want to push their personal pains on to me. As if it’s a horror thing while, of course in HEALTHY circomstances, we are BUILT for doing this. I try to stay positive and I know i am blessed to be able to still move around so much, but please, try to see birth also as a natural process so that women who never experienced it, can go through their own story. Yes, it will probably hurt, but with FOLLOWING ur body, comes peace. I truly believe that. Thank you. 😉#gowiththeflow #bikramyoga #antwerp #exercise #ruggesteuntje #postures #nailedit #trusttheproces #preppingforlabour #vertrouwen 🐚🤱🏽🌺 #preggy #justdoit #MYPOINYOFVIEW but we’ll see what happens 🙏🏽

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